Install a solar water heater

Install a solar water heater

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Direct panels, easy installation of solar water heater

There are two operating modes for using solar energy to heat the water in the house. The first and simplest is to directly connect the energy tank of the panels placed on the roof to the electric water heater. The latter then operates continuously. As soon as the batteries are recharged by the sun, the water heats up and can be used. Depending on the capacity of the storage water heater, the amount of usable water will be more or less regular.

Indirectly, control in addition

The second solution requires connecting the water heater to a boiler and supplying the boiler with solar energy. The latter can then be used for the water heater as for heating. With the central thermostat, the user can then program the boiler and water heater just as he can decide to change the percentage of energy allocated to one or the other. The solar water heater is a clean solution and to be sure to make the most of it, the use of a central boiler, or even a combination of the two, remains the optimum solution.