Caulk a window

Caulk a window

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Correctly caulking your windows is essential to prevent reckless energy expenditure and guarantee you rock-solid thermal comfort. To prevent your joinery from turning into a colander, there are many materials that will be of great help to you.

Adhesive strips for caulking a window: foam, PVC, rubber…

Placed directly on the window frame, the self-adhesive strips are generally made of foam and are very easy to apply on well-cleaned surfaces. Gradually remove the protective film and then exert strong pressure on the bead in order to adhere it correctly. There are also rubber or PVC seals which have a longer service life than those made of foam.

Metal window seals

For solid and weather-resistant seals, it is advisable to opt for metal seals. These are very easy to install in the window rebate and are fixed with spikes. Most joints have pre-drilled holes, which makes them easier to apply. The principle of this type of material is based on a molding of the seal when the window is closed.

Silicone seals

Like metal seals, silicone seals are applied directly to the window rebate. In trade, it is common to find silicone seals packaged for the general public in the form of cartridge with pusher. A little more technical to apply, this type of seal is very effective for caulking a window with irregular spaces. To install a silicone gasket, it is necessary to apply a primer on the window rebate. Then, you can spread the putty on which you will affix the release strip. Close the window to mold the joint perfectly. A drying time of at least 24 hours is recommended before demolding.


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