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Renovate a bathroom

Renovate a bathroom

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With the cocooning fashion, the bathroom is more than ever the center of attention. A room entirely dedicated to well-being and relaxation, which can offer the same equipment as in spas.

The technical constraints to renovating a bathroom

Before considering a renovation, certain rules should be observed such as the location of water inlets and outlets or electrical outlets. These elements determine the location of the furniture. If you want to move a bathtub or shower, more work will be needed. An aspect that should not be overlooked, because plumbing work requires a certain budget as well as a good level of DIY.

The decoration of the bathroom

If you want to stay within a reasonable budget, you can consider, for example, changing your sink for a more modern and practical vanity top. You can also change the color of your furniture, if it is made of wood, or change the facades for a contemporary model. For the floor, there are vinyl floors to stick, self-adhesive tiles, special bathroom floors or even natural fiber (coconut, seagrass, etc.). It all depends on the mood you want to create in your bathroom.

Relaxation equipment

Bathroom equipment has evolved considerably. The showers take on more generous proportions and are fitted with multiple jets. The baths are whirlpool so that the bath becomes a real moment of relaxation. For this material, it is often better to check that your evacuations and arrivals are correctly sized. Your water consumption will probably be higher. A good bathroom should also be well ventilated to avoid condensation and mold.


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