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Feature: Lawn care

Feature: Lawn care

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Having a beautiful garden requires maintenance! Once the lawn is planted, it must be taken care of. Writing gives you advice, and the steps to follow for a green lawn all year round.

The steps for top grass

When we plant grass, we often leave it to itself afterwards. We are wrong ! Grass is like kids, you have to take care of it and there are several steps to follow. First of all, you can imagine, you have to water it. Watering should not be too frequent as this will prevent the roots from growing. Once a week is enough. On the other hand, to keep your lawn looking good, it is essential to mow regularly. The more you mow, the more beautiful it will be and you will limit competition from weeds. When to water? In spring and autumn because it is the period of active growth. One mowing per week is the rule. Do not forget to fertilize it, to keep it looking its best, by adding fertilizer 2 to 3 times a year. Weed! Remove the weeds that germinate at the same time as the sprout. Good to know: the use of a herbicide should not occur before the third mowing if it is a new lawn, it could damage or even kill your pretty lawn. And finally, to perfect it all and be the star of the lawn, pay attention to the foam. It is a sign of poorly ventilated soil. To destroy it, spread iron sulphate on the frothy surface.

Tools for good lawn care

Mowing your lawn can quickly become a real chore if you don't have the right equipment. So to make your task easier, the editorial team helps you choose your mower. At the time of purchase, focus on several criteria that will allow you to properly maintain your lawn. The size of the area to be mowed is very important. For gardens measuring up to 250m2 you can opt for a hand mower, above 250m2, prefer electric machines. Regarding products such as fertilizer for example, know that it is essential for the growth of the lawn but you have to know how to adapt it to the specific needs of it. So look into the matter with the help of a specialist before any purchase.