File: the layout of the dressing room

File: the layout of the dressing room

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Is your wardrobe starting to overflow on all sides? Is your wardrobe dreaming of a space where it could breathe again? It may be time for you to think about the dressing option. A true storage ally and above all the king of organization, it can work miracles if you imagine its layout. The editor gives you some practical advice.

Arranging your dressing room: questions to ask yourself

Before you start, know that it is important to ask yourself a certain number of questions so as not to be disappointed with the result. The first thing to do is to calculate the volume of clothes you will want to put in your wardrobe to determine the needs in terms of interior design. Then take an interest in the style you want to give it: separate room, open to the bedroom, at an angle, with doors or curtains ... each option will not require the same budget and the same level of work. Finally, assess your ability to mount your wardrobe yourself or not. With a kit model and good ideas of handyman, you will surely be able to do it alone and thus make some savings!

A dressing room with practical and suitable storage

The principle of the wardrobe is to have several types of storage to match different clothes. Take advantage of the multitude of practical tips offered by specialized brands. You will need for example a wardrobe space to hang your dresses and coats, shelves for T-shirts, drawers with compartments for lingerie, or clever accessories to store shoes or ties.

A dressing room adapted to my room

If in the past the dressing room was a room in its own right, today it can become a large closet in a house that does not have enough square meters to devote to it. In U, L, I, modular, it is able to adapt to difficult spaces in particular thanks to signs that offer made-to-measure models. A base in the bedroom, under the eaves, on a mezzanine, all the desires are possible for the greatest pleasure of your wardrobe.


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