Feature: table decorations of the Grand Prix des Arts de la Table 2013

Feature: table decorations of the Grand Prix des Arts de la Table 2013

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On November 26, 2013, the final of the 2013 Tableware Grand Prix decided between the four professional participants and the four amateur participants to designate the most beautiful table in France in each category. was on site and invites you to discover on video how to make the tables of the participants.

Beautiful dishes to discover

To make their table, the participants had at their disposal a string of tablecloths, plates, cutlery, glasses and accessories. We were thus able to discover classic plates for a chic decor or patterned models that enchant the table and give it style. A real source of inspiration for your tables at home.

Inspirations to adopt

Each candidate explored a theme to give life to their decor. You will thus be able to discover a table with Zen accents, a revisited Baroque decor, a graphic table, a floral table or even a festive table to inspire you on a daily basis according to your events.

Decorative tips to reproduce at home

Each participant put their creativity at the service of their decor. This gives many decorative tips to reuse at home to give originality to your decorations. We will remember for example the use of a glass as a soliflore, bolduc to create a napkin ring or the transformation of a tealight holder into a decorative globe. Discover it all on video to help you reproduce it at home.


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