Feature: household appliances, always more beautiful, more functional

Feature: household appliances, always more beautiful, more functional

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Increasingly efficient, household appliances are also more and more stylish. If he hadn't gotten used to it in all these years, the era of extra white and basic functionality is well and truly over, to our delight. Make way for the electro top!


Beauty is a rare pearl that small household appliances have successfully developed. More than just devices, they are thus elevated to the rank of decorative accessories in their own right. From the transparent toaster (Magimix) revealing the browning bread, to a chocolate fondue (Siméo) with an undoubtedly retro look; from multifunctional robots (KitchenAid) with aesthetics at the cutting edge of design, to a pink and purple vacuum cleaner (Hoover) maxi glamor: we are fans of this household appliance which is just waiting to be exposed and no longer hidden.


Combining several functions in one device is the new credo for small appliances. From the pod machine preparing tea and chocolate in addition to coffee, to the robot combining centrifuge, beater and chopper: we are more and more perplexed by the complexity of our small machines. The climax of this space-saving and practical system was also reached with the: a robot that does absolutely everything.


Before, there were the basic devices: the robot, the iron, the mixer ... Now, each specific preparation can boast of having a dedicated device. The pizza machine, the cupcake or cake pop machine, the chocolate fountain, the food processor, the ice cream maker, the yogurt maker ... In short, an electro at the top, it is also a diversified household appliance! Besides, the editorial team drew some special Easter inspirations, special American meals, special meals with friends…


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