Feature: build a piece of furniture from recycled objects

Feature: build a piece of furniture from recycled objects

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Make a piece of furniture yourself from objects destined for scrap, a funny idea? Not at all. Between savings and creativity, this "recuperation" option is even popular with individuals who are initiated into the art of DIY and want to furnish without breaking the bank. For those who lack inspiration, the editorial staff has been full of good ideas to discover ... on video!

Step by step in video

A video presenting the necessary equipment, the approximate cost, the time of realization, the steps to follow and a tip as a bonus, this is the best way to get started in the construction of furniture without committing missteps! Or how to be guided from A to Z on creative ideas, simple to reproduce and really inexpensive. So what are we waiting for to appropriate the recovered trend?

A thousand and one ideas

Concretely, you wonder what kind of furniture it is possible to manufacture with recycled elements. The answer: all types of furniture. But to give you a precise idea, here is our selection, namely a box shelf made with wine boxes, another built on a structure of old books, an office only made with handling pallets, a headboard made wooden planks and finally, a ladder-shaped towel holder held by broom handles. Quickly discover our videos!