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Concrete throughout the house

Concrete throughout the house

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This material is no longer exclusively reserved for floors! It has many uses in the home. Become trendy, you can find it on the walls of the house for a trendy painting. The madness of concrete does not stop there: furniture and other decorative objects have also adopted it for a concrete look. For those who would like to apply it to their entire interior, it's possible: you will get a modern or industrial style. Concrete also works wonders around a pool, allowing you to choose a custom shape both in the structure and in the interior of the pool. In this file, you will find all the tips to make the best use of concrete to enhance your interior and exterior. You will know how to furnish your kitchen and your dining room, and more generally how to use concrete in all other rooms, indoors and outdoors. For example in the bathroom, you will know which plaster to apply for resistance to splashing water and humidity. You will be advised on colors if you prefer a pop interior for example or if you want concrete effect garden furniture. All the questions you ask yourself are answered in this file to read without moderation!


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