File: ideas to decorate the table in videos

File: ideas to decorate the table in videos

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Receiving at home is an art. We think of the aperitif, the menu, but also the decoration of the table to impress its guests and welcome them in a very specific atmosphere: chic, natural, romantic ... For all those who lack ideas in the matter, not panic! Here are some atmospheric videos to inspire you.

Table decoration by color

First step before decorating your table: define the common thread. As such, colors are excellent guidelines since each of them considerably influences the atmosphere. Here, with a decoration all "pink", you create a chic, daring and feminine universe, while with a decoration all "green", it is nature that is in the spotlight ...

Table decoration by theme

Table decoration can also evoke a state of mind or a mood! Discover below how to reflect your desires for flowers, parties or romanticism at dinner time! Sometimes it takes little to create a unique decor, provided you have the right ideas!