Harmonize the colors in each room

Harmonize the colors in each room

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When you want to paint the walls of a room, the current choice of colors is so vast that it quickly becomes a headache. There are our preferences of course, but also constraints, such as the color of the furniture, the floor ... The colors have friends and enemies. Find out how to create the right harmonies.

Red: the flamboyant color

Timeless, this color is still popular. So much so that we find it in every room! But beware, too much red kills red ...

Blue: the revisited color

If blue has been seen and seen again in the rooms of houses of yesteryear, the different shades it takes today make it almost a new color! From very dark shades for an intense deep blue to blue / green or even blue / gray, the rendering changes completely!

Green: the star color of recent years

With the enthusiasm for ecology, the color green has also entered the house. With pale shades like lime green, almond green, jade green, it is easily found in every room of the house.

From plum to purple: a chic and contemporary color

These are somewhat the old blues that were found everywhere in the houses and especially in the rooms. Both chic and contemporary, the palette of plums to purple through eggplant offers multiple atmospheres…

Yellow: the bright color

Ideal for a slightly dark room, the yellow color brightens up the room in which it is chosen. Very trendy a few years ago, yellow is reinvented with very invigorating shades.

Brown: often present in furniture

Brown is often a color found in furniture such as wenge wood for example. Many agreements are possible to keep a contemporary atmosphere ...

Gray: the new black

It is found everywhere. From pearl gray to anthracite gray, gray replaces black and allows multiple combinations of colors for different styles.

Orange: the trend color for the coming years

Orange will be the new red in a few years. Very chic and cheerful if it is well combined, the orange is slowly but surely returning to the decor. The trauma of the 1970s just has to be erased from the memory of some ...


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