Thermal weeding

Thermal weeding

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Thermal weeding: what is it?

Thermal weeding is a way to weed using heat. Whether infrared, direct flame, superheated steam or boiling water, thermal weeding consists of causing a thermal shock which destroys the apical cells of a plant or all of its aerial part without burning it.

The advantages of thermal weeding

Totally respectful of the environment, unlike chemical weeding, thermal weeding represents an alternative to herbicides. It reduces pollution of soil, air and water. Handling thermal weed control equipment also presents less risk than that used for chemical weed control. Finally, the speed of its action (one second) helps preserve the soil on which the heat is projected.

The disadvantages of thermal weeding

The cost of using it is generally higher than chemical weeding. It takes 6 to 8 times more passages in the same area for thermal weed control than for chemical weed control. With its use of heat, thermal weeding is also prohibited in dry or arid areas, its use can cause fires to start.


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