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Video: a special birthday party table setting

Video: a special birthday party table setting

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They talk about it a month before and count the days and nights they will have to wait again and again. Certainly, celebrating an extra year in children is far from trivial. Reason enough to prepare a magical taste setting for them. On the menu: colors, fun accessories and delicacies ...

Watch the video :

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Steps :

To make your child's eyes sparkle on his birthday, we vote for a complete makeover of the dining room under the sign of the party! First of all, hang some colorful lanterns on the ceiling so as to break the height of the room. Then put a small table in the center of the space always with the same idea of ​​a decor suitable for the size of the children. Imagination can then enter: a giant container filled with popcorn, a bunch of round or heart-shaped balloons around the table, and above it, glasses and cutlery chosen in fresh colors tart. And it's not over. In order to create a surprise at 4 p.m., why not install plates on the floor rather than on the table for an "indoor picnic" effect? ​​Missing the final touch, some party accessories: cocktail picks, whistles without embarrassment, decorative garlands ... Welcome to the festive world of children's birthdays!

The little extra decoration:

Who says taste says sweet meal! So be creative to stage the delicacies by composing, for example, kebabs of chamallows, creating candy characters or placing salad bowls filled with smarties.


Titta Folk finger puppets, IKEA Mala color box, IKEA Duktig 7-piece pastry set, IKEA Svit cutlery, IKEA Balou rug, ALINEAStyling and staging by Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi


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