Soil acidity (PH)

Soil acidity (PH)

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Are you sure you know exactly the nature of the soil in your vegetable garden?

It is the first step, very simple, that you must take to increase your chances of succeeding in beautiful plantings. The determining criterion will be the acidity of the earth. In fact, it is on it that the presence of the nutrients that will influence the development of the plant depends. The index of soil acidity is called pH (hydrogen potential). It is very easy to discover it and then develop it ... in favor of the gardener's needs!

How do you do it?

Ask for a pH paper (in a pharmacy for example), and do the following small exercise: go and collect handfuls of soil in different locations in your garden, about thirty centimeters deep and mix them. Then fill a glass jar halfway up and dilute the substrate with demineralized water. Shake the whole and let it sit. Immerse yourself in the small pH paper that will tell you about the nature of your soil, on a scale of 4 to 9 which will specify whether your soil is acidic, neutral or basic.