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Caring for a cactus

Caring for a cactus

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Where to plant your cactus?

If the cactus does not have significant water needs, it needs a lot of light to develop. Also, it is best to place it outside or near a window. However, consider installing it in a cool room when winter comes.

Potting a cactus

When you potty a cactus, use a special cactus potting mix because finding the right dosage is not easy. Above the ground, place a small layer of pebbles which will isolate the cactus from humidity and better capture the heat. Every 3 to 4 years, depending on the growth of the cactus, it will be necessary to repot.

Watering and fertilizer

The amount of water needed to feed your cactus varies with the seasons. First, avoid watering your plant during the winter. During spring and autumn, water your cactus in fine rain. Finally, when the good weather arrives, be sure to completely moisten the root ball because, contrary to popular belief, a cactus can die of thirst.


In order to provide maximum light to your cactus, it is advisable to clean it regularly in order to remove the dust from the plant. If symptoms of illness appear, such as those of mealybug, clean the affected areas with a tissue soaked in alcohol or a cotton swab.


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