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Characteristics of tarragon

Tarragon is a perennial aromatic plant belonging to the asteraceae family. Used as a condiment, it is also known as acrid dragon herb and sagebrush. This herbaceous plant measures on average 80 cm in height and has a large quantity of stems which grow by successive ramifications. Although this is rare, tarragon can flower. It then has small yellow, greenish flowers which are mostly sterile. The leaves, on the other hand, are fine, shiny and smooth. Dark green in color, they fall as winter approaches.

Cultivation of tarragon

To have tarragon in your garden, do not sow them, just burst the tufts and transplant them every 40 to 60 cm. This operation is carried out in April or May. It is also possible to make cuttings. In this case, it is best to wait until summer to cut 15 cm of the stem. In cold regions, it is preferable to produce tarragon in sheltered cultivation. If you plant them in the ground, remember to cover the cut stems with a mulch of dead leaves before the first frosts.

Watering tarragon

In order to avoid yellowing of the leaves and to ensure that the cuttings resume, it is essential to water the young tarragon plants regularly, preferably in the morning.

Maintenance of tarragon

To promote the ramifications, we can pinch the young tarragons. Every three years, the old tufts must be replaced by new plants. Apart from these few tasks, the maintenance of tarragon is not very special.

Size of tarragon

The branches are harvested between July and October. The tuft must then be folded down at the base to keep a compact bush.

Tarragon diseases

In soggy soil, tarragon risks decay. A disease which can affect it also in the case of an excessively humid atmosphere.

Uses of tarragon

The leaves are eaten as is, dried or powdered. Tarragon also contains medicinal properties,tarragon essential oil helps reduce the pain of toothaches and muscle cramps. Find the tarragon seeds from the shop!



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