How to plant and maintain a tree?

How to plant and maintain a tree?

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Characteristics of the tree

The tree is characterized by its evergreen leaves formed by needles, its regular conical shape and its straight trunk. This tree can reach up to 75 meters high. It has conical or cylindrical flowers of red, purple, yellow, pale green or brown. Traditionally cultivated to serve as a decorative tree at Christmas, the fir is also widely used in the wood industry and for its resin.

Planting fir

The fir can be planted all year round, in very deep and very humid soil. If you want to plant more than one, be sure to space them out so that they flourish best. The fir tree indeed needs a lot of light, it does not support the shade that a neighbor can give it.

Maintenance of the tree

Once planted, thefir shrub no longer requires any maintenance, except a nutritional supplement and regular watering during the first year. The tree can only be pruned if you want to obtain a hedge. The flowering of the fir tree generally takes place in spring, after the last frosts.

Fir problems and diseases

The fir can be the target of predators such as moths (marten-scale caterpillar, green metrocampus, lunigere) which feed on it. Chermes, insect pests, attack its shoots and buds. Fungi (softwood armillary, mycelium, Melampsorella caryophyllacearum) can also cause damage.

The Christmas tree

Until recently, the christmas tree plant was, in around 70% of cases, a common spruce (Picea abies), a cheaper tree which keeps its needles for a shorter time. Today, Nordmann fir (abies nordmanniana) is becoming more and more important. The latter is easily replanted in the garden, having soaked the root ball for a good quarter of an hour and having prepared a hole enriched with planting soil. Well cared for all year round, your tree can receive garlands and light balls to decorate your garden the following Christmas.



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