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Known under the botanical name of Lilium, the lily grows in Europe, Asia and America. There are 100 species in their natural state. The creation of hybrids has added several thousand varieties to this plant. It flowers all summer long, exhaling a delicate fragrance.

Lily varieties

The species of lily (Lilium) are gathered in two big families, Asian and Eastern. The Asian varieties are characterized by a very open corolla around the stamens. Oriental species have petals spotted with dark spots. When called trumpets, the flowers have a semi-open calyx.

Planting and caring for the lily

Gardening the lily (Lilium) requires loose soil rich in nitrogenous components. It must be prepared by thoroughly incorporating manure or guano. The bulbs are placed in the fall or early spring. The ideal weather is dry weather with no risk of frost. These flowers appreciate the sun (in the north) or the partial shade (in the south). The potted lily (Lilium) settles on a well sheltered terrace.

Symbolism of the lily

Since Antiquity, this flower has been a symbol of purity. She is associated with the Virgin Mary. One species particularly bears witness to this. It is the lily of the Madonna. Its white corollas are used to flower churches with fragrant bouquets. The lily (Lilium) also symbolizes the power of the kings of France since the Middle Ages. It was introduced by Louis VII in the heraldic representation of the monarchy.

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