Low prices to brighten up the bathroom

Low prices to brighten up the bathroom

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If your bathroom is a little sad but you do not have a large budget to spend to brighten it up, know that you can find decorating tips at low prices. And if the price is small, the effect is maximum!

Redo from floor to ceiling

To change the look of the bathroom, nothing like changing the walls and the floor. And contrary to what you might think, it will not cost you a fortune. To paint a small wall for example or create decorative shapes, you will only need a paint bucket. For the floor, be clever and bet instead on a vinyl coating because it is very cheap. Your floor can then be coated with a parquet imitation or a waxed concrete effect to change the look of the room in the blink of an eye.

The bathroom on the decorative side

In the bathroom, the walls are used very little. So remember to choose stickers that will brighten and energize the surface. You can also opt for adhesive mirrors that are sure to enlarge your space by reflecting light. Then, bet on accessories to create an atmosphere in the room. Arrange baskets for the storage of beauty accessories and linen, choose a beautiful bath mat and bet on colorful bath linen. Discover our decorative selection for the bathroom:


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