Scandinavian style patterns

Scandinavian style patterns

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Give your interior a breath of fresh air with Scandinavian-inspired patterns. Natures or graphics, retro or designs, colorful or neutral, you will inevitably find a pattern that will stick to your style. Follow the guide and discover a trendy selection from the cold.


The Scandinavian style draws its inspiration from nature. Flowers, trees, leaves and animals are available on cushions, curtains and other carpets. Ikea fabrics sold by the meter, such as the leafy model named Cecilia . The brand remains a safe bet for Nordic, chic and inexpensive shopping. Also find in particular at Ferm Living or Isak , two brands from the North, "nature" collections for the decoration of the whole house.


Retro-inspired graphic patterns are also the success of the Scandinavian style. In Ferm Living , the diamond is brought up to date and squats the cushions, wallpaper, stickers and many decorative items. In Marimekko , a large Finnish company created in 1951, the graphic motif, simple and ultra-colorful, quickly became a trademark. We find it today on cushions, for an effective and original decoration. For the kitchen, think of the Danish brand Greengate and its starry dishes.


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