Scandinavian style kitchen knives!

Scandinavian style kitchen knives!

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Aware of the French love for cooking, Nogent called on the English designer Sebastian Conran to create a range of knives that combine impeccable quality with trendy and original design. Profile is the name of this exceptional collection that will appeal to both lovers of cuisine and design. In order to design ergonomic, lightweight knives with a contemporary look, French cutlery Nogent called on the famous Sebastian Conran, who is none other than the son of Terence Conran. The designer chose nylon to offer a remarkable grip and walnut wood for a very pure association which does not fail to recall the Scandinavian style. On the technical side, the blades are cut from steel, then hardened and sharpened in the machine. They have Affidenté® teeth which allow ideal cutting precision without requiring any sharpening. The knives are available individually but you will also find boxes allowing budding chefs to equip themselves. The first box dedicated to cooking is made up of 6 knives ranging from the pantry to the bread knife so that you always have the right knife for your culinary preparations. The second box will accompany you to the table with 4 steak knives that will give a very designer look to your meals. Box 4 steak knives: 150 euros Box 6 knives: 285 euros> More info on


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