Striped tablecloths energize your tables

Striped tablecloths energize your tables

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To bring your table decor to life, the tablecloths are dressed in very graphic patterns like stripes. And thanks to this motif, lunches and dinners will take on a whole new dimension.

Stripes to create new proportions

First, be aware that stripes can allow you to change the proportions of your table. Indeed, the stripes offer an optical illusion which will enlarge your table in length if you choose horizontal stripes and enlarge in width with vertical stripes.

Stripes to energize the table

Then know that the stripes will really energize your table. And depending on the color you choose, you will create very different atmospheres. For example, with black and white stripes, you will get a very designer style while with multicolored stripes you will turn to a more vitamin style. Also, if you want the stripes to be more discreet for a more classic environment, it is possible to choose colors in the same tone like white and beige.

Simple dishes

To finalize your table, choose simple dishes. Indeed, the stripes being already very present, it is preferable to choose a crockery plain in the tones of the table or white plates if the stripes are multicolored. Discover our selection of striped tablecloths.