Vilmorin transforms your balcony into a vegetable patch

Vilmorin transforms your balcony into a vegetable patch

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6.8 million homes have a balcony and 11.2 million have a window sill. Vilmorin offers solutions so that city dwellers also have the right to their vegetable patch.

Ten seeds for small households in cities

Vilmorin offers "Vegetables from my balcony", a new range of ten vegetable and aromatic seeds specially adapted for growing in pots or planters. These are gourmet but also decorative varieties intended for a clientele of city gardeners, sold at € 2.50 per sachet. The sachets are precisely dosed so that the quantity of seeds is suitable for small areas and consumption by city dwellers. For example, a sachet of cherry tomatoes makes 10 appetizers for 4 people. A sachet of aromatics offers seasonings for the whole year. A sachet of lettuce makes 6 to 9 salad bowls for 4 people.

Ready-to-use seeds

The sachets contain not only seeds but also a 100% natural growth activator which stimulates root development and promotes good plant development while requiring less maintenance. It is a simple solution that ensures quality crops, even for novice gardeners. Just shake the sachet before opening it to mix the contents well, then sow normally.

Containers suitable for vegetable growing

To complete its offer for city gardeners, Vilmorin offers three specific types of containers allowing to arrange its balcony in a real vegetable garden: round flower boxes of different diameters and heights for all types of crops, rectangular flower box for radishes, salads and aromatics, flower box with tutoring system, ideal for climbing tomatoes and beans. These containers are practical while being aesthetic, ultra light, flexible, resistant and they let the earth breathe. They fold and store easily, and are reusable.

Where to find Vilmorin products?

Vilmorin products are sold in garden centers, DIY stores and in agricultural self-services.