What color for a beamed ceiling to brighten the room?

What color for a beamed ceiling to brighten the room?

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Question from Jean-Claude

Hello, we want to repaint the ceiling of our living room (photos attached) to brighten the room. The height under the beams is 2.34 m and the height under the large beam is 1.90 m. Here are the dimensions of the room: 6.40 mx 6 m. The inter beam is in stained wood and the beam too. The walls are made of natural stone and the tiled floor of terracotta (40 cm x 40 cm). Which color (s) would be the most suitable? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Answer: the twine-colored inter-beam and the ceruse beams in the same color harmony

Hello Jean-Claude, you want to repaint the ceiling with wooden beams in your living room, knowing that your walls are made of natural stones and the tiled floor of terracotta. To lighten the room, I strongly advise you to paint the inter beam in white eggshell, or clear string and to make the ceruse beams. White lead is a decorative technique intended to bring out the grain of the wood. It consists in digging the most tender veins and then garnishing the grain with a white or pastel wax which highlights them by contrast. With your ceiling painted in off-white, you will brighten your entire room and the white lead will enhance the charm of your beams by combining perfectly with your stone walls! You too, send us your decoration question


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