Mistakes to Avoid in the Teenage Bedroom

Mistakes to Avoid in the Teenage Bedroom

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The teenage bedroom is not a room like the others because teens would like it to look more like a studio than a bedroom. Also, it is not always easy to find the right layout and the right decor. Here are some mistakes to avoid before you get started.

Don't keep a childish decor

The biggest problem when your child becomes a teenager is that his child's decoration no longer suits him! Also, it is important to change it in order to allow it to also grow in its personal space. In the new decoration, also avoid overly marked themes that could quickly tire your teen. You can however choose a fairly neutral color base for the walls and bet on strong accessories. This system will allow you to change the decor or change it more easily.

Don't neglect the office

After the bed, the most important space in the teenage bedroom is the office! Indeed, he needs a good-sized workspace, which is practical, comfortable and very bright. You should then make sure to devote a good part of the room to the office, preferably placing it near a window for brightness. It is also advisable to move it away from the bed so as not to encroach on the sleeping space which could create insomnia. Finally, don't forget to accompany the office with several storage spaces so that your teen stores his documents.

Don't forget the space saving furniture

To allow your teenager to benefit from the maximum space possible in their room, think of space-saving furniture. Many teens opt for mezzanine beds that allow them to place their desks below and thus save a lot of space. Similarly, you can also choose a sofa convertible into a bed to benefit from a good size room during the day. Be careful however, it is necessary to opt for a convertible with a good quality mattress so that the nights stay comfortable.

Don't forget the lounge area

Finally, if you really want to please your teen, offer him a sitting area in his room so that he can receive his friends in a very friendly way. To do this, just invest a corner of the room and place floor cushions, beanbags and a small side table as a living room table for snacking breaks. The must: a TV and a game console to top it off!


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