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Wood on the walls… or almost!

Wood on the walls… or almost!

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It allows you to create all kinds of atmospheres: from rustic to contemporary, this material will adapt to all styles to blend into your interiors. Aesthetic whatever its color, finish or installation technique, it also brings a natural and warm dimension to your rooms. Today it is so popular that we try to imitate its appearance on other supports often easier to install like wallpaper. So whatever your choice, your walls will look like wood!

The paneling

Let’s hunt prejudice straight away: the paneling does not inevitably lead to a mountain chalet atmosphere! In simple basement or on all of your walls, it is by choosing your paneling according to their length, their width, their essence, their color, and the type of installation that you will implement that you will get the atmosphere you dream of at home. Light wood horizontally for a modern spirit, natural pine color vertically for a more country atmosphere, or raw reclaimed wood for an industrial spirit; all styles are possible with wood cladding! You can also play with the finishes by leaving your rough paneling or by varnishing them (or even by painting them!). If you want to cover an entire wall, opt for a horizontal paneling if your room is small to give an impression of space. To gain roof height, put on the contrary on a vertical pose! Finally, with the paneling, know that in addition to its aesthetic quality you opt for a very insulating covering, a significant characteristic!

Decorative panels

The decorative slabs or panels generally consist of a support of fibers, agglomerate or particles covered with a decoration which imitates various species of wood. This dressing is often quicker to cover a section of wall because the panels can be quite wide. These panels also make it possible to match the dressing of your walls with that of doors or cupboards.

Wallpapers imitate wood

But if it is only the aesthetic side of the wood paneling that interests you, then make your life easier and opt directly for these new trompe-l'oeil wallpapers. They imitate wood looks incredibly well, and in all styles! Raw wood, light or dark wood, old reclaimed wood, vertical or horizontal paneling… The new "Boua" range from Koziel or the collection of reclaimed wood wallpapers at Metal and Woods are for example stunning with realism. So for all those who are not very DIY and who do not master the hammer, trompe-l'oeil wallpaper is the product of choice!


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