Can you remove carpet and lay tiles with underfloor heating?

Can you remove carpet and lay tiles with underfloor heating?

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Sonia's Question


Answer: adhesive for tiling and joints resistant to deformation on a heated floor and deactivating the heating before and after laying

Hello Sonia, first of all, it is entirely possible for you to install tiling after removing your carpet with underfloor heating. The latter subjects a tiled plane to stresses due to the expansion and retraction of the support, causing either a compression of the tiling, or a traction of the joint. You will need to use a tile adhesive and a deformation-resistant joint that you will find in all major DIY stores. In addition, it is important that the heating system is out of service before installing the tiles (48 h) and this, until the complete drying of the tiled surface (at least 48 h after grouting) in order to preserve all the qualities of the glue and tile joint. You too, send us your decoration question


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