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What color in a living room with gray floors and a garnet stove?

What color in a living room with gray floors and a garnet stove?

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Blandine's question


Answer: a string cement floor, darker beige walls and string curtains

Hello Blandine, you have an open living / dining room, a garnet fireplace stove and you would like to put a polished cement on the floor. I advise you to put a cement floor of string color and not gray, and to paint the walls of your large room in dark beige in order to enhance the whole. Beige would be more appropriate than gray and more cheerful! At the windows, choose twine curtains. In addition, it would be interesting to find another garnet piece of furniture (a sideboard or a lacquered chest, for example) that would remind your stove. You too, send us your decoration question


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