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5 unusual objects for very decorative toilets

5 unusual objects for very decorative toilets

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We go to the bathroom 3 to 6 times each day. Suffice to say that this space, although small, deserves to be maintained but also decorated with care! As such, it is sometimes enough to stand out from ultra classic W.C by picking up some unusual accessories on the market. A bold choice to give character and style to your cabinets. Here is the top 5.

Original toilet paper

To play the originality card, we start by swapping the very classic pale pink or white toilet paper with pretty colored paper. Blue, green, yellow, red ... There is something for everyone, whether you choose all colors to create a multicolored effect or you choose uniformity with a single shade. Other models with patterns this time, more fun, are available to you: meter roll effect, euro banknotes or soccer ball!

An unusual paper holder

Unusual toilet paper, we say yes. But with an original and creative staging, it's even better! From unusual wall hooks to whimsical paper holders, there is no shortage of ideas. As for the coat hooks, there are versions in the form of nails or colored circles that are fixed to the wall by forming a nice vertical or horizontal line, or on the contrary, by mismatching them! As for paper holders, they can be found in the form of trees, retro objects or very designer curves.

A nice toilet seat

An insignificant detail in the toilet? it depends ! If it is freshly dressed in a color in harmony with the decor of this small room, if it displays a Pop art look, the photography of a landscape, or a playful drawing, it becomes the little more decorative of the cabinets. One word to remember: dare! If there is one room in which we allow ourselves all fantasy, it is this one!

A decorative brush

If the toilet brush always tries to be discreet, it is because it is generally unsightly. So why not change the game? With a playful model in the shape of a London soldier, a brush with a short broom handle that comes to be placed in a very retro zinc seal or even a design lacquered version with cover, this toilet essential no longer has to hide!

More beautiful the trash!

Have you thought about changing the classic trash can in your closet with an industrial style stainless steel trash can, with sleek design style curves, wooden for a natural look or beautifully colored with a pop look? The more beautiful the trash, the more beautiful the toilets!