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Use silver and metallic paint in a room with an automotive theme

Use silver and metallic paint in a room with an automotive theme

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Vivianne's Question


Design response: metallic paint for furniture to be combined with red or orange bed linen

Hello Viviane, using metallic silver paint in a bedroom is a good idea but I would not apply it on the walls but rather in small touches on one or two pieces of furniture, like a bedside table or a dresser to restore. Metallic wall paint is quite difficult to apply for a streak-free result, and is quite expensive. Metal can also be present in the room via light fixtures, frames, blinds, the installation of a brushed steel desk or a beautiful armchair. On the other hand, for the walls, I would choose a pearl gray paint in order to elegantly associate it with the metal while remaining in the same tone. In addition to this metallic gray, you can, of course, bring color thanks to the bed linen, the cushions, the lampshades. I would choose a beautiful red or an orange which will pleasantly warm the room! You too, send us your decoration question