How to choose a mirror?

How to choose a mirror?

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If the mirror was first invented for personal purposes (to look at oneself), it quickly found its place in decoration. It offers many advantages. In addition to accessorizing the walls, it sets the tone of an interior, returns light, enlarges a room, or even dresses a fireplace. So we take the time to choose it and give free rein to our decorating desires!

The bathroom

Here the mirror is traditionally placed above the sink. This piece, often reduced in size, is difficult to lend to large formats, but you are free to choose an XXL size if you feel like it. Remember, however, that the water vapor requires cleaning it at least once a week ... We will match the mirror to the general ambiance of the bathroom: design, nature, or even glamor surrounded by light bulbs for a mirror look of star… We can also use and abuse the accumulation effect for an original staging.


It is a room in which the mirror can be integrated in several places: above the chest of drawers or the headboard, on a dressing table, a psyche, on the floor for the large format versions or even on the doors of the dressing room. The latter offers the advantage of the XXL dimension, which returns light as much as possible and enlarges the room: ideal for small bedrooms.

The living room and the entrance

We think of the mirror in the entrance, which allows the last beauty alterations before leaving the house. In the living room, it ideally dresses a fireplace or the section of wall above the sofa (we then take it in an elongated rectangular format).