Fir trees to make yourself!

Fir trees to make yourself!

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Are you leaving for the Christmas holidays, where no carefully prepared Christmas tree awaits you? Are your children asking for a decorative tree in their bedroom? Do you want to decorate your home but not necessarily with a real fir tree freshly cut in the woods? Bet on a homemade fir tree! With good ideas and a dose of creativity, it's easy to grow one in the house at a lower cost. You just have to imitate the silhouette of the most pampered of conifers ... Handymen, DIYers, follow the guide!

A fir tree with boxes

Recycling mission. We transform its shoe, handkerchief, and office filing boxes with gold or silver bombs before stacking them on top of each other, from the largest to the smallest pyramid-style. We thus obtain a pretty silhouette which is strangely familiar to us…

A fir tree with disposable plates

It's not just at the table that the golden and silver plates decorate. By choosing disposable models in equally festive colors - plastic or cardboard - you form a giant fir tree on a white wall. No need to be a drawing ace! You just need to position the plates on the wall with Patafix. so as to represent an oversized triangle. And voila !

A fir tree with envelopes

Same principle as for disposable plates, the envelopes are beautiful and light accessories, ideal for forming a very stylish wall tree.

A fir tree with light garlands

Hang a beautiful zigzag garland on a window or on a wall. The optical effect works wonderfully, behind the flashing lights, you think you can see a real tree emerging…

A fir tree with gaffer

The adhesive tape used on TV, cinema or show film sets, easy to cut by hand and leaving few traces, could well become a decorative accessory during Christmas preparations! For this purpose, you need to choose a whimsical color gaffer - green, red or other - before cutting several adhesive strips to draw the contours of a fir tree on the window or on the wall. As if it were a real one, nothing prevents you from then decorating it with a garland, a star and some Christmas balls sticker version. A funny tree that is ultra easy to make. All that's left is to roll up your sleeves!


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