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How to repair damaged walls before painting?

How to repair damaged walls before painting?

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Question from Michèle

"We bought a house and we are redoing the room with the walls covered with wallpaper. When we remove the paper, we realize that the walls are bumpy in places so before repainting this room, what should we do to make these more "correct" walls? "

Answer: you have to coat your walls!

Hello Michèle, you have just bought a house and you are remaking the bedroom which is covered with wallpaper. If you have damaged and bumpy walls under the wallpaper, it is important to coat them before any other intervention. You will need a filling coating if you have large holes, a smoothing coating if the roughness is minimal. Spread your plaster using a knife (spatula), to have a more or less correct wall. Let dry for the time indicated, then sand your walls using a fine abrasive or an electric sander, to work the finishes. Then pass a sponge or a damp cloth on your walls to remove the dust that remains stuck on them. You can then underlay your walls before painting them. You too, send us your decoration question