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Video: making a linen headboard

Video: making a linen headboard

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Today the editorial staff of you propose to manufacture a headboard. Follow in pictures the step by step for an original headboard.

Watch the video :

Level: way. Necessary material : a medium board + a drop of linen fabric + fleece + stencil letters. Indicative cost: around 55 €. Completion time : 45 minutes.

Steps :

- Attach the fleece to the midboard with adhesive. - Staple the linen fabric to the back of the board. - Starting from the top of the board, mark three marks 30 cm away. - Pull a strip of adhesive across the width of the board following the marks. - Place the stencil letters following the strip. - Fill the letters with special textile paint. Design advice: for better paint application, always hold the brush head perpendicular to the fabric. Creation and direction by Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi.


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