Create a small balcony

Create a small balcony

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Even with a small balcony as the only exterior, you can enjoy the charms of a moment of relaxation under the sun! And with summer coming, it's time to set up your little space to judiciously place everything you are going to need.

A small corner for the garden

A simple small balcony can be enough to enjoy the pleasures of making a small vegetable garden. It is enough to know how to choose the plantations which are cultivated easily in pots, do not take up too much volume when growing and require only little soil. Aromatic plants, radishes, cherry tomatoes and pickles are yours! The greenery of your crops arranged on both sides of your balcony will only make your small outdoor space more warm and natural. So choose practical and decorative planters, to place on the ground for some and to hang on the railing, for others.

A small corner for relaxation

Simply set up a small bistro-style table to take your meals outside and a comfortable chair, preferably foldable, which you will use as a sun lounger for your moment of idleness. To decorate your small balcony in a very decorative way, think for example of coating the floor with exotic wooden gratings, typical of exterior fittings, and here and there have small decorative lights that will make this small space convivial. And if you have an unpleasant vis-à-vis, take advantage of the heather brandies or canisses to design on your balcony a very natural space, conducive to relaxation.


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