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Tip: how to put an adhesive paper on a kitchen furniture?

Tip: how to put an adhesive paper on a kitchen furniture?

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The characteristics of furniture adhesive paper

Damaged, aging furniture ... What if we revamped it instead of changing it? For it, the furniture adhesive paper is the most practical solution.

They are found in several forms in DIY stores: in roll, by the meter, by plates, in stickers… The adhesive papers are often thick and self-adhesive, for easy application and a piece of furniture that is protected on a daily basis. Printed, with various patterns (wood, metal, aluminum, etc.), in a mat or glossy finish, there is bound to be an adhesive paper that matches your interior and the desired effect.

Furniture adhesive paper also has other significant advantages:

  • Washable: you can wipe it with a sponge if necessary, especially on kitchen furniture.
  • Waterproof: it resists splashing water. Perfect if you want to cover a piece of furniture near a sink.
  • Easy to cut: if you have custom-made furniture or if you want to create original shapes, a cutter allows you to adapt your adhesive paper to your project!

We can also use adhesive paper on other non-porous substrates, like a door. In short, it is a real decorative element that easily finds its place in the house.

How to put on a piece of furniture adhesive paper?

The installation of adhesive paper is easy, provided you follow certain practical advice.

As with any adhesive application, it is necessary that the surface is clean and free of all impurities. Clean the surface if necessary with household alcohol to remove traces of grease, especially in a kitchen.

Once the support has been properly cleaned, simply gently peel off the protective film from the adhesive, then position it in the right place. Do not hesitate to check several times if the location and the measurements correspond before removing the film.

Certain types of adhesive paper for furniture, in particular colored models, require the spraying of soapy water (a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid is perfectly suitable) both on the sticker and on the surface to be covered, in order to have good adhesion. Once the adhesive is well positioned, you just need to remove the water present below using a squeegee, going from the inside to the outside.

For installation on a small surface, such as a drawer for example, it is sufficient to moisten the surface to be bonded using a damp sponge.

How to apply an adhesive without bubbles?

As is often the case when installing a sticker, air bubbles may appear. Fortunately, thanks to our tip, these bubbles will quickly disappear!

For put an adhesive on your kitchen furniture, it takes a little patience. You will also need a "marouflette", a small spatula which helps to apply the adhesive without making bubbles.

If you can remove your furniture doors, you will be more comfortable working them. First, remove the protective film from the adhesive part as you stick. Do not remove it entirely, as you risk sticking the adhesive on itself or wrinkling it. Then position your adhesive paper and apply the spatula always from the inside to the outside, to expel the air bubbles towards the outside. However, if there are still some bubbles, pierce them with a small needle. There is another solution which is fast and quite effective: it is enough to soak a small sponge with soapy water beforehand on the surface which will receive your adhesive, position it and smooth down.


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